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Please feel free to download product manuals and literature here. Most manuals are PDF's with some files in *.doc and jpeg formats

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u.V. sterilizers

Laguna UV

PowerClear Manual
PowerClear Max Manual

New Model for 2012

pond pumps

pond filters


Approx. flow rate = 1000 gph pump / 100 gallons of vortex volume. Slower is better for more thorough settlement

Set vortex 1-2" above pond level, intake should be 24" below pond level

Laguna Pressure Filter

pdf manual download


Debride Ointment

Medicated ointment for ulcers
Application instructions

debride medicated ointment instructions


Use extreme caution. overdosing can kill fish
Dosing Instructions



100 grams treat 1,000 gallons
Can be used at any temperature
Does not harm filter bacteria
Mix with pond water and distribute

our dosing notes


5 ml / 100 gallons - preventative
10ml / 100 gallons - major issues
64 oz bottle cap = 15 ml

Watch useage on rotating media filters, they can foam over
aquaultraviolet performancepro pumps deltaUv