pond equipment rentals

Renting becomes your best option for those seldom used high cost items. Clarke Koi will rent you some of these essential items at reasonable prices by the day, week or month. Please call ahead or email us to confirm we have the item on hand and ready for you

Show Tanks

Essential if you are planning a major pond cleanout or renovation and need to temporarily house your fish in a suitable volume of water. We have several tanks sizes available for rental
Sizes include:
8 diameter x 2.5 deep = 900+ gallons
8 diameter x 3 deep = 1100+ gallons
8 diameter x 3.5 deep = 1300+ gallons
[ note: these tanks only suitable for outdoor use ]

$ 49.00/Day   $69.00/Week   $99.00/Month

Water Pump

2-4K flow rate with 30+ foot of hose

$19.00/Day $39.00/Week

Seine Net

This net measures 6 feet deep x 15 feet wide. It has floats, anchors and is white so that koi see the mesh and stay away, making it easier to corral them. Essential for catching fish in larger ponds

$30.00/Day $69.00/Week

Rock Cart

This 1,500 lbs. capacity heavy duty rock cart is great for moving heavy stone, trees and those heavy E.P.D.M. Liners. Huge tires, cart can be used as a lever to load large stones onto it.

Note, wide gate required for entry

$49.00/Day $99.00/Week

Water Meter

Accurately know your ponds volume by renting a flow meter. Just connect to a standard hose, record initial meter reading, fill pond and then subtract initial reading from the final one

Provides you with an exact pond volume which is critical for correct dosing of medications

$ 29.00/Day $45.00/Week


Aeration is key and if you have a equipment failure or need some extra aeration, we have compressors available

$29.00/Day $45.00/Week $69.00/Month