Pricing + rates

Clarke Koi is a service oriented company with competitive pricing and excellent after the sale support. We have both the experience and tools to properly maintain your pond and deal with any problems that may arise

Please note: We not artifically raise the price of parts installed on site. What you pay in the store for parts and equipment is what we charge on site as well

We provide excellent value when you consider our personal attention, unbiased advice and our return policy. Most of our work comes from rectifying and rebuilding ponds built by inexperienced home owners, landscapers and other "pond professionals"


You are provided with a PDF invoice which is emailed to you. Payment is appreciated within 15 days via chq., bank transfer, debit or credit card. For credit card payments over $250, a 2% service charge is applied. For all the details refer or request our Paying Invoices handout
Professionally outfitted with  fully stocked vehicles

Labour Rates for 2022

1st Hour [min. 1 hr. charge] construction, servicing, leak repair etc.
$110.00 / man
Call Charge prep and travel time
$ 65.00 [zone 1]
Minimum Charge
$ 155.00
Each additional 1/4 hour after 1st. hr.
$ 26.00 / man
On Site Health Care water quality, mucous analysis
$ 198.00 [zone 1]

On Site Pond Consult

up to 1.5 hrs. on site
$ 275.00 [zone 1]
Phone Consult up to 1 hr. toll free
$ 145.00 / hr.
Construction Levy 2% cost of fasteners, glues, small parts etc.
2% of subtotal

store services


Water Quality Testing

NH3, N02, KH, pH, salinity etc.
$ 10.00

Mucous Microscopy

microscope detection of parasites
$ 20.00

Fish Boarding

Winter months only
$ 45.00+
email us for a detailed pdf rate sheet

Call Charge Zones
The $65.00 call charge pertains to a 1 tech service call located in Zone #1
Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, East York ,Scarborough [Lake to 407, 427 - Morningside]

Zone #2 carries a call charge of $85.00
Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill S, Markham, Whitchurch-Stouville, Pickering, Ajax

Zone #3
a $110.00 call charge for the first man
Oakville, Milton, Halton Hills, Georgetown, Caledon, Richmond Hill N, Aurora, New Market, Uxbridge, Ashburn, Brooklin, Whitby, Oshawa

In the case of additional Pond Technicians, a $30.00, $45.00 and $55.00 charge per Tech, based on the 3 zones is applied
   ie. a call charge with 2 Tech's to Zone #2 would cost $120.00 [$75.00 + $45.00]

Out of zone calls
are charged at $ 80.00 / hr. for travel to + 1/2 rate for return travel time. A fuel surcharge of $30/hr. billed in 1/4 hr. increments also applies, 1/2 rate for return travel. $50.00 for each additional man in 1/4 hr. increments

We warranty our work - if you have any issues please let us know
Please see our latest Rate Sheet which may supercede this page