Portfolio XX

Myron's pond, toronto 2013

Yet another rebuild, the original pond had some design flaws. To improve things, we made the pond larger yet it occupies the same space. We got rid of the perimeter stone on 2 sides and brought the pond right to the patio stone. We moved the skimmer off to the corner along the fence instead of being out in the prime viewing area

This is what the pond looked like when we started

skimmer | Laguna Pressure Filter | Pondmaster 1800

Patti's Pond , Toronto, 2013
Another fun project near the end of the season, Patti was very keen on her new pond feature. The original was a small circular pool about 3 feet across. We enlarged it to about 12 x 2-4 wide with a shallow depth of about 2 feet

An avid gardener, I expect Patti will the pond softened up in no time

skimmer | laguna pressure filter | Pondmaster Pump
Hans's Pond, Ballantrae, 2013
We met Han's a couple of years back and he had an aquascapes style pond. He wasn't very happy with it, and wanted to build a real koi pond with all the proper equipment. This was quite a large job, taking about 1 month to complete

The pond is 7 feet deep, 37 feet long and has widths varying from 11 - 22 feet. It narrows for the bridge that will be put in in 2014. It has 4 jets, 1 air station, 4" bottom drain, waterfalls returns, and a smaller return in the shallow end. A savio skimmer feeds the 2.2 BHE Aquadyne filter and moves about 5K gallons

Some of the Process
Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3 | Pic 4 | Pic 5 |

Large Savio Skimmer | Aquadyne 2.2 BHE | PerformancePro 3/4 HP | 4 Jets | 1 air station | EasyPro EDP 10 Aerator | Dolphin Ampmaster 6750 | Delta EP 15 | Kaldnes Rotating Media Filter