pond Portfolio xv

yana's Pond, richmond hill, 2009
This pond started with an empty corner of a yard. Yana is an avid gardener and the rest of the property was well landscaped. A pond was all that was missing. The pond measure about 8-9 feet long with varying widths from 1.5 to 4-5 feet

Although the pond is about 3 feet deep, Goldfish are housed at our shop for the Winter. This eliminates the expense of running a decier and bubbler. This is pond is more of a watergarden rather than a fish pond

NurseryPro skimmer | PondMaster 1200 GPH pump | 25 gallon above ground custom built filter
may's Pond, north york, 2009
May has been a long time client and started into fish keeping when she inherited a badly leaking stone pond. Her house was rebuilt and she housed her goldfish in a vat she rented from us for about 2 years!

Finally we were able to build the pond she wanted after such a long wait It has a 4" bottom drain and is approximately 6 x 10 in size. Pond depth is 4 feet. The pond is covered for the Winter with a greenhouse

4" Bottom Drain | 30" Vortex | 25 Media Filter | PondMaster 1800 GPH pump
lee's Pond, north york, 2010
Lee's first pond was the standard high maintenance landscaper pond with an external filter that was difficult to clean. When she moved, the opportunity to build something bigger and better was realized

The new pond is somewhat triangular, with a length of about 16 feet. It is 4.5 feet deep, and about 7 feet across at the widest point. A bottom drain was installed, with a vortex and bio chamber

Luckily the lay of the land allowed the filter to be hidden and mostly above ground. This allows for easier and more extensive flushing. One of the filter returns goes all the way to the far side of the pond to eliminate any dead spots. Her original koi and goldfish also made the move and are doing wonderfully in their new home

4" Bottom Drain | 30" Vortex | 55 Media Filter w/bio balls + reticulated foam | Hydrive 3200 GPH pump | returns - waterfalls + surface jet