POND Portfolio II

Merle's Pond, Toronto, 1995
This pond was built in 1995 and measures about 10 x 15 and 4 feet deep. Unfortunately this pond was built and rebuilt in just the previous 3 years. The first build was good but the builder chose a pvc liner. The second time around, there was a new builder but Merle was not happy with the stone work. So we came in and tore the entire pond out, made it deeper, installed a 3 inch bottom drain with an external filter system

The home has changed hands twice since Merle left, and we still stop by to do service calls as required

3" bottom drain | 2000 gallon submersible pump | 110 gallon gravity fed filter
Gary's Pond, North York, 1997
This pond was constructed in 1997. It is actually 2 ponds connected by a waterfall/stream. The total gallonage is about 6500 and the upper pond measures 40 x 11 and 5 feet in depth. The lower pond is 15 x 3 - 10 [irregular] and is close to 3 feet deep. Koi and goldfish inhabit the upper pond, while there are just goldfish in the bottom pool. Each pond has a bottom drain to its own filter system

There is also a blower for aeration and 120 watts worth of U.V. sterilizers in operation. This pond placed 3 rd. in the 2000 Canadian Gardening Magazine pond competition

2 x 4" bottom drains | 55 gallon settlement chamber | 270 gallon multi chamber filter | Sweetwater air blower | 3 x Dolphin 3k ampmaster | 80 + 40 watt Ultra Aqua ultraviolet U.V.'s | Teledyne Laars heater

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Merle's second Pond, north york, 1999
This pond was built in 1999 and measures approximately 10 x 15 and holds close to 2,000 gallons. It has a 4 inch bottom drain which feeds the three chamber, 225 gallon filter system. Surprisingly, in the spring of 2001 a couple of ducks made their home in this pond which is located in a busy residential area

The other interesting note about this pond is that after completion, some hornwort was introduced. Three weeks later, tiny black goldfish were spotted. It was never "officially" stocked but now has 15 beautiful goldfish that are doing wonderfully

4" bottom drain | 2000 gallon submersible pump | 255 gallon gravity fed filter