Pond videos

I really enjoy my Koi pond as well as videography. What better pastime is there to combine these two passions and create this pond videos webpage

These videos are absolutely free for all to download and watch - there are no catches

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Sakai Koi Farm

Sakai Koi Farm This is the only video on the page that we have not produced. It is a solid piece covering the Sakai of Hiroshima Koi Farm. I received the complementary DVD with my Sakai fish shipment and thought I would share it here

WMV codec
File Size - 47 megs
Running Time - 8:26 Release
Date - December 13, 2009
sakai fish farm

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Dolphin Pump Seal Replacement

This video was shot in 1 take for in house use so it certainly lacks some production value. However, for those who need to replace a seal on their pump it could prove helpful

WMV codec
File Size - 29 megs
Running Time - 5:15
Release Date - Aug 31, 2008

Randall's 2nd. "Canada AM" appearance
Randall appeared a second time on Canada AM on Tuesday July 10th 2007. Controlling green water was discussed

WMV codec
File Size - 18.6 megs
Running Time - 4:48
Release Date - July 14, 2007

Randall's "Canada AM" appearance
Randall appeared live on Canada AM on May 24th 2007. Introducing fish to a new pond was discussed and 3 fish were also shown - amongst them a nice shiro utsuri

WMV codec
File Size - 14 megs
Running Time - 3:44
Release Date - June 3, 2007

koi health management 2006

I attended this event in February of 2006 in Georgia. It was very interesting and featured a great lineup of speakers. The information was fast and furious and there was a lot to absorb. This video does not contain a lot of flash, rather it is an informational "talking head" video which I hope you will enjoy

WMV codec
File Size - 14 megs
Running Time - 3:44
Release Date - June 3, 2007

Ray Abell's Pond Harvest

I headed down to Ray Abell's Pond Harvest last November (2005) for a spectacular showing of Koi pond harvesting. Mini Japan in Virginia USA! See more of Rays fish

WMV codec
File Size - 17 megs
Running Time - 6:23
Release Date - March 2, 2007
koi harvest

keirin koi

Joe and myself headed down to Allentown last June to check out Carl's facility, Keirin Koi. We saw a lot of great fish, bought a few and were treated to dinner. It was a lot of fun. This video features what else, Koi

WMV codec
File Size - 25 megs
Running Time - 5:30
Release Date - March 4, 2005

dr. galen hansen on koi health

Dr. Galen Hansen was kind enough to share his insights on some basic health issues. We talked to him at the Houston AKCA convention in 2001

MP4 codec
File Size - 40 megs
Running Time - 4:01
Release Date - December 21, 2003
koi health video

sakai speaks - part II

Part 2 of this lecture features Sakai talking about Koi development with some focus on Koi Judging and how it relates to fish size

WMV codec
File Size - 13 megs
Running Time - 6:21
Release Date - March 8, 2003
sakai koi

tony's pond

Mike talks to Tony about his pond and spectacular Koi collection. This 8 minute video features many large quality fish framed in a mature backdrop

MP4 codec
File Size - 85 megs
Running Time - 8:23
Release Date - January 6, 2003
koi pond video

that pond show

This 22 minute pilot we produced features an interview with Gary as well as a trip to the 2001 AKCA Convention among other segments.

MP4 codec
File Size - 228 megs
Running Time - 22:05
pond show

bottom drain install

This 4 minute video goes over the installation of a bottom drain. Hosted by Randall Clarke

MP4 codec
File Size - 43 megs
Running Time - 4:16
bottom drain

a greenhouse pond

Mike talks to Eugene about his large greenhouse pond. This video takes a general look at the pond shell, heating system, filter and waterfall. Click on the photo's below to see finished photo's after the project was completed

MP4 codec
File Size - 67 megs
Running Time - 6:45
greenhouse koi pond

sakai speaks

This 5 minute video is of a slide show presentation by Mr. Sakai on Koi development. Very subtle details are discussed

WMV Codec
File Size - 9 megs
Running Time - 5:25
sakai koi video