projects: zuki's Pond

Summer 2002
The phone rang in August and it was Zuki, a new client, on the phone. He was calling from Montreal and decided he was going to rebuild his pond

I loaded my van beyond capacity and make the 5 hour trek to Montreal a week later. After spending 10 days there, the filter and heating system were installed. I stayed at Zuki's home and was extended every courtesy

Zuki has become my "second father" [as we joke about] and his son, Evan shares my passion for computers. It was a lot of fun
  • Im001143zuki.jpg
    Zuki's home backs onto a mountain in Westmount, Montreal. His waterfall is actually carved right into the rock and is about 20 feet tall. The pond measures 26 x 17 and is about 10k gallons
  • Im001148zuki.jpg
    The first thing I had to do upon arrival was cut the bottom drain in and start running lines to around the side of the house were the filters were to be located
  • Im001174zuki.jpg
    The rough in of the system has been started. The vortex is screen to stop larger debris from moving to the next filter chamber
  • Im001197zuki.jpg
    Everything has been installed, including a 180 gallon black quarantine tank seen in the top left. One of Zuki's older filters was plumbed to run this. Each filter chamber has its own drain for easy purging
  • Old Fish - PICT0009zuki.jpg
    Zuki has some nice koi which he feeds constantly. The large pond promotes rapid growth. Two pumps, a Dolphin 3k and 4k, run the system
  • Zuki 2004  15zuki.jpg
    Zuki's waterfalls is about 20 feet high and goes right up into the mountain. A great feature

Building a good pond is quite an undertaking. We build every pond like it was our very own !

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