projects: phil's Pond

July 2002
We started Phil's pond in July 2002 in Carlisle, ON, about 1 hour west of the Toronto in some very beautiful country. Phil had spent the previous winter planning and really knew what he wanted to accomplish in his backyard

This pond features a 4 inch bottom drain, a filter neatly hidden under the gazebo and a waterfall and stream. The entire feature measures over 50 feet in length
  • pond-shell.jpg
    The excavated shell illustrates the scope of this pond. Notice the trench around the rim of the pond. This acts as the form for the concrete collar. The trench on the left which leads under the deck will house the flex pipe which feeds the filter
  • liner-installed.jpg
    The liner has now been installed which means we are at about the 1/2 point. Much of the filter system is complete and under the back of the gazebo. This pond is over 5 feet deep
  • clean-pond-shell.jpg
    The pond is started to take shape now as much of the rock work has been done. The stream in the background is starting to take shape
  • landscaped-pond.jpg
    I returned a month later and Phil had a lot of the finishing work done. The finishing touches are very time consuming but make a world of difference to the final look

Building a good pond is quite an undertaking. We build every pond like it was our very own !

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