projects: ozzie's Pond

Summer 2002
Ozzie's pond is over 13,000 gallons in size and features 2 bottom drains, 4 jets and 2 box skimmers

It is filtered with both Aquadyne and Fluidart bead filters along with a Nitritech 3 chamber system. It also has a 240 gallon settlement tank and many other details which make this a very technically proficient pond
  • IM001379ozzie.jpg
    This shot is early in the construction. The bottom drains are clearly visible and you can see the concrete collar. There was still a lot of shaping and bowling to do
  • IM001411ozzie.jpg
    Here we can see the settlement chamber, the flushing chamber and the pump box. The is an air compressor also located in the pump box
  • IM001461ozzie.jpg
    We attached a priming pot to this dolphin pump. It feeds 3 jets which are ball valve controlled
  • IM001454ozzie.jpg
    Finally the filling process has begun.This is the exciting time of the build
  • IM001496ozzie.jpg
    A 3 chamber nitritech filter is the core of the system. As it is above ground, it can be fully drained
  • IM001639ozzie.jpg
    Ozzie covers his pond for the Winter and runs a pool heater to keep it warm

Building a good pond is quite an undertaking. We build every pond like it was our very own !

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