projects: Lee's Pond

July 2010
This was a fun project to undertake. Lee moved from her original home in the Spring. She realized her first ponds deficiencies and with this new build, wanted to address them - and that's what we set out to do with a lot of help from Lee

The excavation was tough. We filled a 14 yard bin to the brim. We had 3 wheel barrows running at a steady pace. After 3-4 hours you're beat but must continue. We got it done in 1 day, this of course minimized equipment costs
  • mini-excavator.jpg
    Make sure your excavator has enough reach to dig the pond depth you are planning for
  • concrete-collar.jpg
    The concrete collar is to the pond what your foundation is to your home - critical for long term stability
  • clean-pond-shell.jpg
    A squared shovel is great for fine tuning the pond shell shape - it should be a nice sweep down to the bottom drain
  • liner-drain-sealed.jpg
    Bottom drains are actually quite easy to install. The flange clamps the liner down with screws creating a water tight seal
  • stone-delivery.jpg
    Take your time selecting stone. Remember, you need to be happy with it in the long run
  • pond-without-plants.jpg
    Without both terrestrial and pond plants, things can look quite barren
  • finished-pond.jpg
    Well planned softsscaping will show better year after year, particularly in the first 5 seasons
  • finished-waterfalls.jpg
    Waterfalls are a focal point. They create a beautiful ambiance as well as oxygen to the fish

Building a good pond is quite an undertaking. We build every pond like it was our very own !

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