projects: ian's Pond

Spring of 2003
Ian's fish had been kept in a small above ground tank for years and where about to receive a major upgrade in accommodations conditions with a new pond and filter

Quarters were a little tight but a filter was designed to maximize the space available
  • vortex-connection.jpg
    This filter system was going to be placed in a 5 x 5 cavity bordered by 4" x 4" timer. The first tank shown, the settlement tank, is 125 gallons
  • pond-filter-barrels.jpg
    All 3 tanks are now in place. 55 gallon drums are a viable solution for chambers and certainly economical. This is a typical 3 stage gravity fed filter - settlement, bio and mechanical
  • barrel-filter.jpg
    The system is pretty much complete. The dolphin pump is pictured top right and will auto prime because it's placed below water level. A 3 inch gate valve is in place which allows the whole filter system to be shut off from the pond
  • bead-filter.jpg
    Ian later upgraded to a bead filter which provided much better particulate removal. The UV is a delta EP 10

Building a good pond is quite an undertaking. We build every pond like it was our very own !

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