projects: clarke's Pond

Dec 2003
Clarke quickly became very interested in the koi hobby and this effort was his second pond. He did most of the work himself while I helped with the more technical aspects of the build. All toll I put in about 80 hrs
  • pond-excavation.jpg
    This ponds volume would end up being 6,000 gallons in an L shape configuration. The pond measures about 28' long by 8' feet wide, the bottom section of the L measures 15 feet
  • concrete-collar.jpg
    The concrete collar is of course pivotal to the structural integrity of the pond
  • gravity-fed-pond-filter.jpg
    The filter system is starting to take shape. It includes a Nitritech Vetex Vortex chamber, a 125 gallon rotating media chamber, and a 55 gallon polishing chamber with reticulated foam
  • pond-jets.jpg
    The digging complete, you can see we have begun to run jets, air and returns. The 2" return (bottom middle) originates from the filter system which provides good water movement. There are also 4 jets which run from the skimmer (under the deck in the back right corner)
  • pump-box.jpg
    This pump box ended up being packed full of goodies. It houses a Dolphin 4000 which runs the filter system. The Dolphin 3000 operates 3 jets. The air compressor works the rotating media filter as well as a deep water air station
  • pond.jpg
    The finished pond with wrap around decking and heating system

Building a good pond is quite an undertaking. We build every pond like it was our very own !

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