pond consulting

Our consulting service is a personalized discussion about your project at the site. Information, advice, and options are all provided along with our Pond Construction Pricing Guide. Remember, every choice has advantages and disadvantages - it is your requirements and expectations which dictate the path to take

Existing Pond Consult

The impetus for many consults is a frustration with poor water quality, structural integrity and excessive maintenance. At the root of this is improper pond design coupled with a lack of filtration. These consults generally include a complete chemical and physical written report which assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the setup

New Pond Build Consult

These consults involve detailed recommendations and discussion of options so that there are no surprises if you choose to build. A statement of work is also included which contains a work schedule and pricing breakdown

"I consider consults to be the most valuable service that we offer. Lets eliminate the "should haves" and save you time, money and aggravation"
  • pressure-filter.jpg
    Pressure filters have a tendency to clog and reduce flow. They are high maintenance filters
  • poor-stone-work.jpg
    The flagstone should have never been put on the cut curb stone. The solution was to put the liner underneath the curb stone
  • pond-box-filter.JPG
    Box filters are overpriced - even when on sale. A gate valve for easy drainage cleaning isn't on this unit

Real World Consultation

I visited this pond in the Summer of 2007. The customer was frustrated with poor water clarity and a leaking problem. I believe if memory serves, there was a previous disease state which wiped out a number of fish. The pond looked pretty impressive though, and liked the design

Stone Work

As mentioned, the first impression of the stone work is positive. On closer examination, we can see that the stone is not set into the water and liner is visible. Stone will look so much better when it is submersed in water. It's not really bad in this case, it could just be better

River Rock
Although river rock looks great after it's freshly installed, it soon becomes covered with algae and debris negating its impressive look. Unfortunately, it traps debris and makes cleaning the pond all but impossible. It certainly had an impact on the water clarity issues with this pond. I also suspect that the planting soil was getting into the water column from the fish picking at the plants, this also causes a brown turbid appearance. See a video at the bottom of this page

Anit-Kink Hose
I'm not sure who brought this product to the market but it has caused a lot of grief to many a pond keeper. First, connecting and disconnecting this hose is extremely arduous. Perhaps worse, is the fact that the anti-kink hose is quite thin and prone to splitting and then leaking. Avoid this product at all costs

We use rubber coupler and flex hose which make coupling and uncoupling a snap. Threaded PVC couplers are also great for higher pressure applications
  • Stone not set into the water
  • Too much river stone will trap detritus
  • Anti Kink hose is not reliable. It gets brittle and cracks