koi health management seminar

March 2008
I once again made the trek to Georgia to attend the Koi Health Management Course this past Winter. This was my second seminar, my first was in February of 2006

The course is held in Athens Georgia, which is about 1.5 hours from Atlanta. The cross section and diversity of the 60 participants was vast, however the common thread that brought everyone together was the love for koi
  • The endoscopy was very cool
  • Randall performing a necropsy on a koi
  • Gill snips can tell a lot about a fishes condition
Highlighting the event was the well known Dr. Johnson who is an engaging speaker. Dr. Brian Palmeiro also impressed me with his prompt and concise answers to all questions directed his way. We got to see and endsscopy which was quite fascinating as it provided an internal view of the fish without having to sacrifice it

Dr. Hernandez travels everywhere with his equipment. For example, he was recently responsible for sexing sturgeon on the Mississippi River as only female fish were to be tagged

See a video of the koi health management course on the videos page...
We also learned about worms of which I have seen quite a few on fish under the microscope. Nemotodes are round worms, Cestodes are classified as flat worms and have a more complex life cycle. As a result, they are not as common in koi. I have killed round worms very easily with salt dips [2% for 1 - 2 mins.] and potassium permanganate