outings: Animal Health Symposium

Sept 2006
I was vacationing in San Francisco and luckily stumbled upon the 5th. International Symposium on Animal Health. Although I didn't sit in on all the lectures it seemed I was on a roll because I saw several lectures that dealt specifically with koi

This event only takes place every 4 years if I remember correctly. It's always fun to pick up some pointers and the information was very technical
Lots of fog and wind
  • KHV was discussed
  • This vaccine seems to be working
  • One nasty ulcer
Aquarium of the Bay
This was an awesome aquarium located at pier 39. If showcased a broad array of fish that could be found in the Bay Area. It was a great perspective seeing fish swimming all around you

A visit to the Aquarium of the Bay is recommended

  • Serious bacterial infection
  • Koi Sleepy Disease can cause 75% mortality
  • Great shot showing more stains of gills