outings: a.k.c.a. seminars

Over the years I have had the opportunity to attend several seminars and conventions on pondkeeping. Unfortunately as my business has grown, my free time has dwindled and I have not been able to attend any many A.K.C.A. seminars as I would like

These events afford excellent learning opportunities and I highly recommend them. I decided to go through some of my video tapes to select some of the best clips to share here. They are not edited, just snippets shot while I was enjoying the seminars
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12th. Seminar - Long Beach 1993

This was the first major seminar I attended and overall it was the best. I think the main reason was that it featured both pond and dealer tours

The fish were great as Southern California is the North American hub of the Koi hobby. As usual, the Affiliated Koi Clubs of America presented an informative series of lectures and everything was first rate. A great learning experience

14th. Seminar - san jose 1995

I attended this convention with Tony who was my very first client for pond constrtuction and I now consider a good friend. The thing I remember most about this event was "the tent". We were always going to, at the, or coming back from "the tent"

"The tent" had the dealers fish vats in it, and many great fish. I saw one Showa which just blew me away, about 12 inches with heavy black the way I like them. There was also a Kumonryu which everyone was talking about

15th. Seminar - orlando 1996

"The Magic of Koi"
This was my first visit to Florida and my third AKCA convention. Speakers that stood out for me where Bob Spindola and Galen Hansen

The pond tour was great and the exposure to other setups is invaluable. I also snuck in a visit to universal studios and some of the other sights

17th. Seminar - Louisville 1998

"Koi in the Bluegrass"
Louisville was a nice trip. I was glad I went a day early to go on the city tour and see some sites. The louiville bat factory was a "hit". In one of the ponds on the pond tour was a former A.K.C.A. Koi of the year winner. A really nice big Kohaku.

20th. Seminar - houston 2001

"2001 A Koi Odyssey"
I really enjoyed this trip and saw some exceptional Koi. We also visited the Nasa Space Centre which was "out of this world"

Toshio Sakai gave a very good lecture on some of the finer points of Koi development. This seminar is also featured on the videos page as it is a segment of "That Pond Show", part 2 with interviews and shots from the pond tour