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Feb 21 2017

Unfortunately moving forward I'm not going to be able to keep pace with monthly updates on our website. I have done it religiously for about 12 years now and It is too time consuming. The demands of the business and family leave me with little time for such things. I love working on the website and hopefully will be adding more as time permits

Moving forward, to share in our projects and outings, our instagram account is very active with currently
over 900 videos of all kinds of interesting things that are pond related. Hope to reach some of you there. Thanks so much

August 9 2015
Finally an opportunity to update the website ! We have had an exceptionally busy Spring with lots to do. We have completed our first two builds of the season, and will be starting a new project towards the end of this month

Our annual BBQ will be 2 weeks from today, Sunday August 23 rd. from 12 - 3 pm. Free food as always plus our popular "1 of" sale. We mark down a lot of different items and we have just 1 to sell at that special price, so when it's gone it's gone

We will be attending an aquaponics seminar from Aug 17 - 20th. put on by NOA Fisheries. Looking forward to learning some more and on the 4th day we tour 3-4 facilities which will be exciting. Always something to learn in this hobby

I'm really posting quite a bit to our instagram account so if you want to see what I'm up to on a daily basis just click the link to the right. Videos are 15 seconds and I try to get a variety in there. Remember, no sign up, no log in, click the link, click a video and hit play and you are watching. Right now there are 238 videos and over 200 followers

April 29
The season is finally fully underway with some good weather and fish starting to eat. It was a really tough Winter, particulary in February, and their have been some fish losses. Our Koi shipment is planned to come in on Thursday May 7th, late in the day. Our Plants should be arriving this Friday

We appreciate you understanding during this busy time as we try to complete all the pond openings. On a good week we can do over 40, but weather and other problems often arrise and we sometimes get stuck at a call longer than planned

March 19
The season is almost upon us and we are busy cleaning up and organizing, ordering product and improving our shop. Just got back from a trip to Pittsburgh. Got to see a real hockey team and reconnect with a client who we helped put his pond together a few years ago. We had a hitchhiker come back with us from Jamaica, a small anole. So we set up a home for him and enjoy the terrarium very much. Fish have been added to the pool, and a geico too

  • Visiting Pittsburgh to check out our clients pond
  • Terrarium for "Howard" our anole hitchhiker
  • Koi for sale, the shiro is from Omosako

Visiting "Fallingwater" was an amazing highlight of the trip, we got to tour the house and grounds as well. We also rented out some fish to Casino Rama for their Chinese New Year Banquet. Pictured are 8 of the 12 koi which are all available for sale
Feb 12
Just got back from Jamaica for 10 days, a small job and mostly some relaxing down time. We visited YS Waterfalls which was heaven on earth. Just amazing and so beautiful. The Black River was also awesome, crocodiles, birds and water hyacinths everywhere

  • Filter system completed in Jamaica
  • Black River tour was awesome - saw a 15 ft. crocodile
  • Lauren swing jumping in the spectacular YS Waterfalls
  • Sadly this outlet melted and 8 big fish paid the price. Please check your pond at least weekly over the Winter

Busy cleaning up the shop and trying to prepare things for the upcoming season. Hoping we have a real Summer this year and that it starts at the regular time. Boarded fish at the shop are doing great and we are at the shop everyday to check on them
Jan 10
It's full on Winter here now in Toronto with temps well below zero. Ponds will freeze over without the use of an aerator + deicer. Those who covered there ponds are well protected from the freezing temps. Was down in Hilton Head South Carolina for a week over new years, much warmer and

  • Watched this guy for awhile and he was unsuccessful
  • these beach goers were constantly on the hunt for food
  • cormorant
  • pelicans have a varied diet - even other birds like pigeons

Our annual sale will be happening next weekend, 20% off everything in the shop. Saturday and Sunday Jan 17 + 18th. 11 amp to 4 pm each day. Hope to see you there !
Dec 18 2014
We finally finished the pond closings and it was quite hectic with the early Winter. We have started an instagram account and the focus will be to post lots of videos so visit that page if you get a chance

  • Egret in the florida everglades
  • Bottom pond jet installed on our last build of the season
  • Stingray City in Grand Caymen
  • Seagulls swarmed the ship as we pulled out

Just got back from a 7 day crusie which was a great escape. Snorkeling in Roatan's West Bay was the highlight - 2nd. largest reef in the world apparently. Our annual 20% off sale will be held on Saturday January 18th. and Sunday 19th. We have hundreds of fish in ths shop this year for boarding - all are doing well
Oct 10
The season is winding down and we are started to book pond closings and take fish in for the Winter boarding. Our job in Brampton is pretty much completed and we finished another smaller pond here in Scarborough. A couple of streams where also constructed and we are starting a big project - 50 foot pond on Oct 20th

  • We finished construction of this small stream in Mississauga
  • Hyacinths and lettuce are considered weeds by late in the year
  • This part of a waterfall manifold can be controlled with a valve
  • The right tools are essential. We ran a garden hose to an autorefill

Off to Las Vegas for 5 days, leaving tomorrow
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