monthly pictures 2015

Shiro Utsuri can change quick a bit as they develop
Here are a couple of nice Omosako Shiro Utsuris. We still have about 5 left, and plan to get some more in our early May shipment
YS Waterfalls in Jamaica - stunning
We just spent 10 days in Jamaica. YS Waterfalls was spectacular. Level after level of beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes. Lots of fish too. Highly recommended
While visiting 1 of our clients in Pittsburgh, we were fortunate to travel to "Fallingwater". Frank Lloyd Wright designed the home in the 30's, and the stream was particularly impressive due to the Spring melt
Koi shipment arrives next week, May 7th. Over 500 fish coming, including some butterflies. We will be getting some more Omosako Shiros too, as well as the normal gosanke from Sakai
This is a dusk pic of our first project this year. About 17 x 10 at the widest, with bottom drain and filtration located below the waterfalls. Soft landscaping still needs to come in and will add greatly to the finished look