monthly pictures 2014

Why clean your pond manually when it can be done automatically with a bottom drain
This is a very telling photo for those who believe bottom drains are not beneficial. The amount of detritus that builds up is incredible and at a fast rate, particularly if there is a prolonged algae bloom. Without a bottom drain to continually clean the pond, the buildup has to be removed manually
pond bottom drain toronto
I took this photo last year in Tokyo at the 2013 all Japan Koi Show. Unfortunately was unable to make the show this year. Apparently a Momotaro Showa took the grand prize
One of the 7 Sisters Waterfalls, Grenada
I just returned from a week in Grenada and visited the 7 sisters waterfalls. This is one of them, about 50 feet tall and quite spectacular
Sumi on that shiro is stellar. Say that 3 times !
I still reminisce about visiting Virginia to see Ray Abell's great koi setup. Great times and a great learning experience
This is not the clearest picture but it perhaps adds to the mystique of these koi. This is an example of the kind of quality fish we will be receiving later this week from Sakai of Hiroshima
This elegant Kindai Showa is only tosai and over 15" in size. From Sakai of Hiroshima, it is sure to put on good size and develop well. This fish is now swimming in a
7 foot deep pond and sold for 1K

We also extended this pond and reset a lot of the stone
This waterfalls actually ended up collapsing, mainly due to the absence of a concrete collar. We just finished rebuilding it, and now it appears much more natural using limestone rockery laid on a solid foundation of concrete. All 7 outlets are valve controlled, important when you have different water return heights
Sakai Maruten Sanke Jumbo Tosai
This is a beautiful Sakai of Hiroshima Sanke which is currently growing out in our 20K pool with 11 other fish. Although just Tosai, the peduncle has some thickness with a nice maruten marking on the head. It will be for sale in November for about $1400
20K gallon grow out pond
A photo of some of the 12 fish we have growing out in a 20K gallon swimming pool. Pictured are jumbo tosai from Sakai which Lauren has just fed
Beautiful lily flower
The waterfilly flowers have faded now but will return again next Spring. I snapped this photo at a clients pond after a rainfall back in August
Beautiful lily flower
Two spectacular showa. This shot was taken at Ray Abell's Koi Harvest in 2011. Moving forward I will post pics from Ray's every November as a tribute to him
We see a lot of poor stonework - a shame because it's key to the aesthetics
The client originally asked us to replace the broken stone in the waterfall. Once I saw what was there - a mish mash of tilting rock -I recommended to rebuild the whole waterfalls. We used the existing stone, and a few hours later we had a taller much more aesthetically pleasing feature