monthly pictures 2012

sakai kohaku
We sold this 3 step kohaku to a client back in June. When moving it to its indoor accommodations in the Fall, we noticed tremendous growth and a lot more volume. It is now indoors in a 3.8K tank for the Winter
wlim vortex
We installed a 36" WLim vortex for this project. With stand, it is a massive 6 feet high. The top measure 39.5" wide. The great thing about this unit is the available ports on 3 sides. So basically you can cut the one in the direction you need and make an easy connection. Vortexes are essential for use with bottom drains
kokugyo kohaku
This amazing kohaku took the Kokugyo award at the all Japan show in 2010. I have decided to head back to Japan next Winter, plan to visit some breeders in the South this time like Momotaro and Omosako
pond on ravine
John walked into the shop about 3 years ago wanting to build a pond. He immediately recognized the value of the bottom drain, and installed that as well as a vortex system. He is now keeping koi exclusively, and they are showing good growth in his pond. John also covers his pond in the Winter, which helps the fish greatly
Sakai 10-12" Jumbo Tosai
This is a shot of some of the fish we received in our latest shipment which arrived on May 3rd.
home made pond filter
We are currently working on several projects. This filter system is being installed in Aurora. It is contained in a block filter house. It features a 36" vortex and a 75 gallon rotating media filter w/kaldnes media. A 2nd. filter system is located by the house with a bead filter and heater
white waterlily flower
Before I started trimming and fertilizing this clients pond plants, I just had to pull out my new 5D Mark III and snap a few shots. This was taken at f2.8 with my sigma 50mm, great bokeh on this lens
floating heart
These floating hearts are actually quite small being only a few inches across. They are very similar to waterliles. This photo was taken at the leaking pond stream we repaired last year
This picture was taken at the Kodama Koi Farm in New Jersey. I attended the Koi Appreciation Seminar this month. It was a 2 day event, focused solely on the study of gosanke. I will be putting up a report complete with video this Winter, look for it in the
Koi Info / Events section of our site
sakai nisai kohaku
This is a nice kohaku measuring at least 16 inches at 16 months of age. It is available at our shop for $725, Sakai of Hiroshima bred
Ray Abell
Sadly, Ray Abell passed away on Oct 18th. long before his time. He had a great love for photography, drag racing and of course koi. He will be sorely missed
insulated concrete forms
Another rebuild, this shot shows how ICF [insulated concrete forms] can be a great asset when building a pond. During rebuilds that can't be enlarged, it replaces time consuming form building. With ponds with loose soil, you can make the walls go straight down to get that much needed depth without fear of collapse. Last year we did another collar that was 2 layers high, this one is just 1 layer around