monthly pictures 2011

japanese kohaku
It was this time last year I was drooling about leaving for Japan. I finally got there in early February. This photo was taken at the Marusei Koi Farm. It is interesting because it looks like a watercolour filter, but is in fact, unprocessed with just a touch of sharpening. Despite the ripples, we can all still tell that these are some fantastic kohaku
koi hand feeding
Both Soragoi and Chagoi and very friendly fish. This particular group are ones that we have boarded at our shop for the last few Winters. They are very friendly which is such a great aspect of the hobby - koi are intelligent and responsive fish
japanese koi
Anyone would love to have this collection of koi in their pond - sanke, showa, utsuri. This shot was taken in November at Ray Abel's pond harvest. The bodies are skin on his fish are exceptional. Really, the only place you are going to see a better selection of fish is in Japan
carp pox
This poor fish was scooped out of a clients pond. I'm not sure why it died, the pond is covered for the Winter and lots of aeration. The only thing I could see was harmless carp pox, the waxy growths visible on the caudal fin
koi in bowl
Here is a photo of our May Japanese Koi Shipment. 300+ fish, varying in size from 4 - 17"
pond liner
This is a shot from our current build and we are just about to cut the liner for the bottom drain We have to make sure that liner is positioned properly with adequate coverage to allow 1.5 - 2 feet of extra liner at the shortest points. Some of the folds have been started [back right] and have been taped down
bead filter plumbing
This shot is from the rear of the waterfall we just completed. The plumbing is fairly extensive with 2 different circuits. Bottom drain -> vortex -> rotating media filter -> UV -> waterfalls The other circuit: skimmer -> bead filter -> 3 jets + waterfalls
pond stream
This is a photo of a stream we rebuilt in July. It was leaking, the stone wasn't properly supported and the pond was too small for the residents. I plan to feature this project in our video blog, which I hope to start in the Fall. The rock was limestone, and had beautiful moss. See our Video Blog for a video of how we rebuilt Rita's pond
waterfalls koi pond
This is a shot of the waterfall of our 2nd. main build this season. The pond is 20 x 10 and 7 feet deep We originally built a pond for this client back in 1999 [Lynn's Pond] and we she moved, we built this one. I will say that this effort is technically superior to the job we did 12 years ago
pond build
Our 3rd. build of the season is now complete. Tight quarters and heavy stone always make for a challenge. This pond is fairly narrow but quite long at about 20 feet It features a bottom drain, skimmer, 2 jets, Aqua Ultraviolet UV and 2 pumps
These are some fish we just got into the shop. About 25 fish altogether, and priced to sell. The showa is an interesting looking fish, and the asagi is showing good reticulation at this small size
koi handling
We headed down to Ray Abel's once again this year for the harvest in Virginia. Harvesting days had been reduced to 1 day, Saturday, but we still had a great time bowling fish and talking about them. Weather was fair and it's always great to see some top end fish