monthly pictures 2008

limestone waterfalls
We constructed this pond in July and it will be featured on the portfolio 12. It has a bottom drain, skimmer with 2 jets and an external filter system. Reginald has since done some soft landscaping and I'm anxious to see how it looks in the Fall when he took some photos of his additions
small watergarden
This is another rebuild we performed in the Summer of 2006. We ripped out the entire pond and installed a concrete collar and re worked all of the stone

It is home to goldfish only and when I visited it in Aug 2007 is was beautifully planted as evidenced by the photo. To see more of this pond, visit our portfolio
shiro utsuri
Everyone likes to look at fish so here is another shot of a shiro from Ray's Mud Pond Harvest last November Wish the photo was a bit sharper but the fish still looks like a keeper to me
koi swarm
I just visited Bill's pond and had a good chat and look at his setup. His fish are definitely thriving which is nice to see. He did a great job with the pond incorporating a lot of equipment The pond has 2 aerated bottom drains, 4 jets, 1 skimmer, 2 bead filters, a nexus and several UV's. The pond is of course covered and heated for the winter and the water temperature was about 53
pond cleaning
Another Aquascapes Pond with all of its stone being removed. It was an almost 1 foot deep mixture of rock and sludge that is impossible to clean without a total pond breakdown

Removing the stone and cleaning the pond took about 7 hours. To read why we don't recommend these types of pond visit our Aquascapes review
pond rebuild toronto
Our first pond build of the year is not complete. Another classic rebuild. Their were numerous complaints dealing mostly with the filter [a cyprio 2000]. We installed a bottom drain, external vortex and a bio chamber. I will return later in the Summer and shoot some finished pictures for the portfolio
formal pond
This project is interesting. We are installing filtration on this fibreglass pond. 4 jet returns, an air station, UV are all part of the equation. The pond has a 4 inch bottom drain feeding a 40" vortex and a rotating media filter. We are just waiting to fill the pond, finish some odds and ends and start things up
big koi pond
Tony's pond was the first pond we constructed for a client back in 1995. It has taken some time, but the landscaping has really come into it's own in the last few years We will be rebuilding this pond in the Fall making it deeper and upgrading the plumbing. The challenge will be dealing with the fish as there are over 50 mammoth koi to house during the rebuild
pond plants
This pond was constructed last year [2007] and it was nice to revisit it last week to see how it has progressed. Fish look great and are growing well, Reg and his wife Pam are enjoying the pond and it is the focal point of their yard

They did some great landscaping around the pond adding gravel and some plant material Reg is quickly becoming koi kichi - I received almost daily updates last April as to the current temperature of his pond water with the first greenhouse covering...
awning over pond
Vincent's Pond has been a challenge and taken some time to complete. We started last season and worked on the project as Vincent's schedule allowed This is a new home some the complete landscaping is also being undertaken at the same time. It was very exciting to finally start the system up a couple weeks ago

The pond is quite large and features a bottom drain, skimmer, 2 jet returns, air station and an interesting stream feature. Vincent plans to stock the pond next Spring
deck over pond
I had a chance to Visit Frank's pond recently and snapped a few photo's. We constructed this pond last Summer. The plants have really taken off and are starting to soften things. This pond has a bottom drain, air system, rotating media filter and a large 48" vortex

Frank's fish, transplanted from his aquarium, are really enjoying the space this 20 foot pond affords. Frank also covers his pond for the Winter and hasn't lost any fish as of yet
koi harvest
Clarke and I once again headed down to Virginia for the 4th. year in a row to see the koi harvest at Ray Abels place. As always, lots of great fish and a good time. It's pretty rare to see the number of fish of this caliber all in one place. I have over 40 pics you can view on this page