monthly pictures 2005

  • bottom drain
  • pond shell

This particular job was completed in August. The owner of this pond did the bulk of the work and Clarke Koi helped with the bottom drain, filter, rock work, liner install and skimmer. This is a great way to save money as well as having an intimate knowledge of your pond. We complete several jobs like this every Summer. We usually work anywhere from 20 - 100 hours on-site, whatever is required to help you through the pond construction procedure

The upper photo shows the rough in of the bottom drain. You can also see the 4 inch flex hose leading to the filter chamber. The chamber eventually housed a Nitritech vortex junior and a bio chamber. An additional chamber was plumbed for flush cleaning

After being concreted in, the bottom drain is packed with clay. The flex hose channel is also packed solidly. The is a smaller pond and the bottom drain will continually remove debris, preventing any accumulation
  • waterfalls collapse

These pictures were emailed to me last Spring of some poor chaps pond that literally got washed away Although there is a small hill in behind the fence, one would not anticipate this kind of destruction after a rain fall. But it happened. A concrete collar is not in place here which would make rebuilding easier

To prevent this in the future, a drainage line with perforated pipe would been to be installed at the fence line. It would serve to channel the water to the sides. Better yet, a sump could be installed which would absorb a lot more water and even a float switch operated sump pump could be utilized
  • pond excavation
  • nitritech filter

I helped Frank build his pond late last Summer. Once again, he had an original pond of the same size, but it lacked a bottom drain and filtration. We installed a skimmer which goes to a pump inside the timber box. It then feeds 3 jets. An aeration station was also installed in the corner opposite the water fall

A Nitritech 5000 and Elektra Pro 5k were also installed. In the end, this pond has an excellent complement of equipment with few if any upgrades necessary. Frank plans to install decking over the filter chamber and he still needs to finish that and the waterfall up in the Spring. Intelligently, he also plans to keep his stocking rate quite low
  • kohaku koi variety
  • tancho showa

Both of these fish were sold last season to one of our clients. Although the Kohaku is the better fish, my sentimental favorite is the tancho showa. Its just not a fish you see everyday and it was a pretty decent example of the variety

I do like my Kohaku with a full complement of beni though and this Kohaku certainly has that. Both of these fish are in the 18 - 20 inch range
bottom drain install
These pictures are of our first pond build of the season. Top left - we have positioned the liner to ensure even coverage on all sides. Next and x cut is made and the liner and drain are cleaned. Glue is then applied to the drain

Top Right - after the glue is applied, the liner is spread evenly avoiding any wrinkles and pressed down. The flange is then screwed into place. The first screw is the hardest, you have to be careful to line it up with the pilot hole. Bottom Left - Once the flange is screwed down, The liner is trimmed away. A bead of glue is applied to the top of the drain body where it meets the flange

Bottom Right - A big key to the create an aggressive slope towards the drain to facilitate the removal of detritus
This photograph is of Merle's pond which we just opened. Due to the number of water plants, survival rate for fry is high and therefore we had to remove quite a lot of fish. Even though this pond has a bottom drain, it is more of a watergarden as it contains no koi and quite a few water insects

Ducks were even nesting right beside the pond this Spring until it was raided a few nights ago and the eggs destroyed
pond stone collapse
This photograph clearly illustrates the importance of a proper concrete collar and footings. We have just begun rebuilding this 70 foot pond [it will now be 2 ponds] and will install 3 bottom drains, 3 filter systems, heating system etc. It looks like Aaron is about to fall in - it took only 5 years for the rock to tilt to such a precarious position

Another key to this rebuild will be to install drainage pipe 20 feet behind the pond to prevent any major water buildup that could undermine the collar
goshiki koi
This striking goshiki has been sold to a client in Montreal. Bred by Hosokai, it is a 2 year old about 12 inches in size
pond stone work
Large boulders like this limestone rockery need to be carefully placed using a a powerful backhoe. This particular project is actually 2 ponds connected together spanning about 70 feet in length
koi pond
This picture is of my own pond which sadly rests at the bottom of priority list as I slowly pick away at the improvements I want to get completed. The fish pictured centre is one of my nicer fish, a 14 inch Momotaro sanke
water hyacinth
This picture is of Monica's pond taken in August. It is rare to see so many water hyacinths blooming at once as the duration of the bloom is so short. I think there are 8 blooms in all This pond was rebuilt by Clarke Koi a in 2004. Two of her koi can be spotted at the top of the photo, these fish over Winter every year at our warehouse
koi reflection
This picture was taken at Ray Abels Koi Harvest last month. Nothing special about these particular koi but they certainly seemed to be hamming it up for the camera. To see a video of the harvest click here