how to: setup submersible pumps

Although this website constantly touts the use of a bottom drain and external filter, the fact is that the majority of ponds utilize a submersible pump Even though something may be fundamentally incorrect, there are better ways to do "the wrong thing"
With  reduced and improper plumbing and sharp ring clamp, this is  poor
Well it can't get worse than the setup in the picture right. Lets break it down This is a sump pump, designed for intermittent duty - don't expect a long life in a pond application. It is not energy efficient and is also oil filled which can leak

Although this appears to be pool hose, it is very similar to anti-kink and both are definitely not recommended. They crack easily and do not allow the use of rubber couplers which which means disconnection is difficult

Poly fittings do have a purpose in pond setups but not in this application. Here a high powered pump has its flow dramatically reduced so power and potential water flow is wasted

Ultimately this pump should have a male adapter/pipe/rubber coupler assembly which would maximize flow and allow for quick disconnects

Pond Filter ?

Sold often as a pond filter, the fact is picture right illustrates a pre filter.
This filter wool pre filter at least addresses the problem of your pump clogging. It increases the area of draw and supplies the pump with clean water. It does help with clarity, but of course, once the pond is clear, the aesthetics will not be great. The other major disadvantage is the difficulty in cleaning and accessing

This setup however, is great at keeping your pump from blocking. In increases the area of draw thereby decreases the suction.

We sell this filter wool as a means of slowing the clogging of your pump

pump installation tips

  • Make sure the Pump is off the Ponds Bottom

    Every season we hear of ponds getting pumped dry and fish dying. Usually the hose broke [anit-kink] or the waterfalls springs a leak. Either way, if the pump is 1 foot off the bottom, at least some water is left for the fish

  • Match the Hose Size to the Pump Size

    If the pump is 1.5" out, use a 1.5" out pipe/hose or else you will be restricting the potential pump flow

  • Use Rubber Couplers for Quick Connects

    Poly fitting and anti kink hose are a terrible combination as they are so difficult to work with. Use a rubber coupler or ring clamp on vinyl or pvc tubing. Be mindful of ring clamps - they should be taped down to avoid cutting the liner

  • Use a Larger Pre filter

    As mentioned above, a larger prefilter will help stop the pump for clogging and the subsequent waterfall slow down