clients ponds

Are You One of our Clients? If you are a client, you too can have your pond featured here. Just email us a few pictures and a couple paragraphs describing your setup and please include any tips you may have

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Bills Pond
What can I say about Randall. He is a great, knowledgeable, informative person. I hate to say when I built my pond [summer of 2006] I called on Randal many times for Info. and as always he answered every question I threw at him without hesitation, even though I did not buy much of my needed pond equipment from him at the time I found and bought most of my equipment from a place that was going bankrupt at the time. But I will say he was always there to answer any of my questions. Never said NO! THANK YOU Randall. Anything else I needed or will need in the future, I will be calling up on "CLARKE KOI". I have to say keep up the great work, love your website, videos, pic's etc

I live in Woodbridge, Ont. Canada. I built my pond in summer of 2006. The pond is 9500gal. (24'x16'x6' deep)

2-Bottom drains c/w 9" Air diffusers 2-Vetex Vortex SC 1-Fluidart challenger 100 (6cu.ft.) Bead filter c/w 2 hp. blower 1-Nexus 300 c/w easy (K1 Media) 2-Sequence 750 pumps (3200gal/hr.) 1-Sequence 1000 pump (5800gal/hr) 1-Magnetek 2 speed pump (2hp. & 1/4hp.) 4-TPR's (11/2") 2-Aqua Ultraviolet 80 watt U.V. 1-Savio skimmer c/w 16" weir 2-2" Mid. level p/u's 3- Outdoor Air Pumps 1- Indoor air compressor (air) 60 psi (note: all of these items can be purchased at "Clarke Koi Ponds)

ian's pond
The pond is approximately 20 by 6 by 5 deep with two upper smaller ponds that feed the main pond. All ponds and the equipment chamber have vertical walls, and I have never had any problems with raccoons or herons stealing my fish. The construction is based on pressure-treated 4 by 4's with and insulation layer of 3 inch styrofoam covered with rubber cloth, with an equipment chamber designed as an extension of the main pond and sunk in the ground using the same construction technique

I have 13 fairly large koi that eat a lot of food. My goal is to get the pond system to the point that it is almost self sustaining, and with that in mind I have put in a lot of plants in the upper ponds to act as biofilters and harbour pond life, and this along with the uv filter nd my new filter will keep the water crystal clear year round despite the fairly heavy pond load see more of Ian's pond

Ian's tips
Tip 1: If you find that you are spending a lot of time maintaining your pond, you are probably doing something wrong. Best have a chat with Randall

Tip 2: I live in Toronto by the lake so the winters a relatively mild. I leave the pond circulating in the winter - including letting the waterfalls continue to operate. This ensures good water aeration and limits the amount of fall and spring work to placing and removing plastic netting (avoiding leaf fall) across the surface

Tip 3: If the local wildlife like snacking on your water plants put in an electric fence with a timer to switch it on in the evening

Tip 4: Do put in the best circulation and filtration system you can. It pays back
Lois's Pond
We are beginning our third year with a pond - the product of eager novices. Our first two years were quite good - with some steep learning curves. However, this winter has been very harsh. The ice went extremely deep and we lost a number of fish -- despite having two of the floating devices that are to keep a hole in the ice. I think they both kept a hole but only melted down about one or two feet and it froze solid well below that

However our eagerness outweighs our disappointment. And, experience has made us aware that we could have made use of a pond designer There are other issues such as frequent clogging of our filter in the summer and my son sighs and says things like "a bottom drain". So, before we go any further this spring, we could use some input and some assistance correcting our errors