clients ponds 2

Gaye & Richard's Pond
To everyone at Clarke Koi Ponds Inc.: Thanks so much for your assistance and guideance in helping us get all the equipment and knowledge needed to make installing our new pond a lot easier. It's absolutely incredible!

I've attached a couple of pictures for you. While I'm sure it's not as near as good if Clarke Koi had installed it, [afterall it was our first!!] we are very pleased with our 16' by 6' "fake lake", and we were able to install and fill it in only 2 days. The dig being the hardest!! Naturally I 'supervised' and Rich did all the digging....

P.S. the three light system you suggested was just perfect. And all the plants we purchased from you are doing amazing. As for our fish, we started out with 3 shebunkins and 3 comets and since we have managed not to kill any of them, and keep the water clear (!!), we have added 6 more. Now we'll wait to see how they survive the winter

Thanks again for all your help. Many of our friends and family love it, and without hesitation, we have given them your name as the 'go to' and 'go to only' people for supplies and advice. We'll see you soon for our de-icer!!

deb's pond
Dear Randall, Thank you very much for all your assistance and advice in building my pond. I definitely have a new respect and appreciation for your skill and expertise. If I could back up the clock, I certainly would not attempt to do this on my own again. That being said, I do appreciate your guidance and patience by directing me in the right direction, while I took on this challenge single handedly. I've attached some photos for you

By the way....the last round of fish are still alive... and I have not added anything [like 20 gold fish] to such a small amount of water. I've learned the hard way, or shall I say the fish did. If I could tell a potential client about your service I would strongly suggest they hire you from start to finish, as it will save them a lot of grief, sweat and a few fish.

When I'm ready to make this pond a wee bit bigger I will call you for the rebuild. Talk soon. Sincerely Deb

Update: In Aug 2010
Deb called and wanted the pond moved away from the fence and the stone work redone

You can see that with the liner hidden, and a better arrangement and consistency of the stone work, the pond looks better

Stone work makes a huge difference to the finished look

Fiona & Paul
Hi Randall, Hope you are well and had a good holiday season. I am not sure if you have gone or have yet to go to Japan. We couldn't remember when it was and I thought it was sometime in February, Paul thinks it was January. Would look forward to hearing how that went for you.

I meant to update you long before now on the status of our fish but no news is good As you know the greenhouse is up and working like a charm. As of Monday the 15th of February the temperature in the pond was 49, and the pond heater was set at 45. Paul finally dismantled the Janby filter also on Monday so all that is running now is just the air stone and heater. The fish are not looking for food and we haven't feed them for 3 weeks +/-. The pond is a bit murky but they are looking good. No Floaters! That to me is a good thing

As for the Heater, well it seems to be worth it's weight in gold although we aren't sure on running costs but hopefully we will be able to give you more of an idea once spring arrives... Take Care Fiona & Paul
Kevin's Pond
In these pictures you can see both the pond AND the new hobby that I inherited from the previous home owner when we moved in to our new home. Having never cared for a fish in my life, much less Japanese Koi, this has been an interesting experience in quickly learning how to care for our colourful new friends

Our pond is roughly 1500 gallons and features a 2400 gallon-per-hour pump feeding two waterfalls, one of which is preceeded by a bio-filter. In addition, we're using a small UV filter to help keep the water clear. What have I learned about my pond? I've realized that while it's pretty and gives the fish a good home, it needs to be deeper [currently only 3.5 feet deep] and could really use a bottom drain. For now, I'm using a powerful air pump and airstone [on a timer, twice a day for one hour] to stir the bottom for collection by the pump and provide extra aeration during the hottest hours of the day

Of course, the day will come when I'm ready to make this a professional Koi pond instead of just a pond where Koi live. I've received an excellent "leg-up" from Randall, Ken, and all the staff at Clarke Koi over the past few months in helping me with my new hobby. That's why I intend to utilize their skills when it's time to upgrade my pond. A bottom drain awaits !